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Youth at Risk Workshops

Learn from the Best

Sofi Marroquin has been a professional performer in the industry since 2013, and has amassed a diverse range of skills and techniques in the process. If you choose this service today, you’ll discover the difference quality coaching makes on your growth as a performer. As an artist like you, they understand the experience and talent necessary to make it big in the industry. Interested in this service? Schedule your first appointment today.

Coaching & Training

Impress Your Audience

As a professional performer, sofi marroquin has garnered many years of experience. Brainstorming creative, new ideas with clients and collaborators, and then using previous skill-based knowledge and professional experience to create a breathtaking performance, sofi marroquin has a reputation for providing leading choreography for every client. Get in touch today to learn more about Coaching & Training services today.

Modern Style Dancer
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